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Local Partners

Serve with us alongside our local community partners.

Center of Hope

We are a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping others break the cycle of poverty in Parker Co.

We offer Short-term Crisis Assistance.

Help for Today provides groceries, daily meals and limited financial assistance to families experiencing a crisis.

We provide Long-term Solutions.

Hope for Tomorrow strives to nurture the development of education, mentoring relationships, and faith.

We extend into community neighborhoods.

Camp Hope reaches children and their families throughout summer with basic cooking lessons, Bible stories, groceries, and more.

We minister through Biblical principles.

At every encounter, whether in the classroom or 1-on-1, we share Hope through Jesus Christ. He is the reason for this ministry and the HOPE for all who enter our doors.

For more information contact Center of Hope here.

For almost 20 years, St. Paul has partnered with Lutheran Braille Workers, which exists to bring the Word of God to the 253 million people throughout the world who are Blind or Visually Impaired, completely free of charge, in Braille, Specialized Large Print, and Audio-Digital formats. Weekly, dozens of St. Paul church and school participants and community volunteers work in teams to produce Braille Bibles at our downtown St. Paul campus. Contact Arla Richter via email at: arlarichter@att.net or call or text: 817-723-5379 for scheduling or more information.

Academy 4

Academy 4 is a gospel-motivated Christian non-profit that connects churches to schools and communities through mentoring 4th graders in leadership. They provide a mentor for EVERY 4th grader in the economically disadvantaged schools they serve. Mentor volunteers serve once a month for 90 minutes. They express love and care and provide the students with a positive relationship with a dependable adult.

St. Paul partners with Academy 4 at Daggett Elementary, which is located just a short distance from our downtown campus in the Fort Worth Near Southside neighborhood. 

Join many from St. Paul and the community to make a difference in the life of a 4th grader at Daggett. Learn more about Academy 4 and how to get involved at Daggett HERE.

Grace House Ministries

Where hope lives, life matters, and knowledge counts

Grace House Ministries plays a vital role in our community, assisting those that find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy. Through the kind and generous donations of supporters, we are able to provide the following services:

•Free pregnancy tests

•Limited sonograms

•Peer counseling

•Parenting classes

•In school abstinence training

•Medical referrals

•Material assistance.



The Aledo Children’s AdvoCats is a non-profit organization of women committed to raising charitable funds to help fulfill and aid unmet needs of children and their families in the Aledo area.

Established in 2002, the AdvoCats have donated more than $800,000 to the community. 100% of money raised through fundraisers is used towards charitable efforts such as medical expenses, clothing, living expenses, wheelchairs, dental care, school supplies, counseling and more.